Why don’t you accept the frizz?

Why don’t you accept the frizz?

It comes with your inner wild.

Blame it on your genes.

Tame it if you will.

But the day you own it, run with it

I promise, the wind in your hair

will make you fly.


Colour those dark circles darker,

The ones you try to hide behind

Thick glasses and an Americano.

Blame it on sleepless nights.

Name it for dreams seen with open eyes.

The day those dreams come true

I promise, the light in your eyes

will burn the dark.


And that acne, the boil on your forehead,

Chin, cheeks, nose. Colour it pink.

Love it till it bursts. Oozes of desire.

Of Youth. Age. Of chocolates.

I promise, if you let the sun shine on it,

the world will be on fire.


Look at that body.

Those grapefruit breasts.

Or melons if you will.

The muffin top tummy.

The sun-kissed ass. Like

chocolate cake, overbaked.

I could eat you up. All of you.

In your meaty deliciousness.


Go naked. In spirit.

Embrace. Don’t cover.

Love. Don’t hate.

Look. Don’t hide.

I promise, the day you do this

will be the day of freedom.







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