The Last Goodbye…

There is something about that goodbye

That you never got to say

When you were in such a rush

That day.


Of course you couldn’t have known

That she was in a greater hurry to leave.

You had no reason not to believe.


But before that, she hurried outside

To catch one last glimpse of you.

Asking others why you left so soon?

I can ask the same. So soon?


You know how the heart sinks

when the phone rings urgently

in the wee hours of morning

Like a definite bringer of bad news…

That’s how I feel each time

I think of that day.


Like a conversation got cut

in the middle over the phone.

Like a vinyl record that got stuck

Over a jarring note.

Like watching your child jump

Just before he falls.

Like the sounds of ghosts

In empty halls.

Like a wrong lane,

Like a missed train.

Like a premonition

Like a deaf musician.


There is something about last conversations

That stir up unsettled longings

Wishing for that one more second

the one moment of prolonging.


How long does it take to say goodbye?

Forever, did you say?

Why was I in such a rush that day?


P.S I’m sorry I did not say goodbye that day…



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