On conversations left mid-way on a Chat

So where were we?


Nowhere, to begin with.


We were not face-to-face

Chatting with each other

So we could hold it a tad longer

Or end it a tad sooner…


Depending on the twitch of your eye

Or a cursory glance away

the one that showed disinterest

Or shyness, perhaps.


We were not on phone

Listening to the cracks in our voices

And the spaces in between

The ones we could hang on to


Like the old receivers with

Entangled cords that we

Circled around our fingers

As we smiled. Or waited. Or both.


Where were we then?


Just in a space floating in

This wireless Internet world…

Where words are left hanging

And so are feelings.

Where conversations begin

With a hope but end in ellipses…


We can of course pick it up again

The next time we are online

And that is the beauty of this world

There is always a point of return

That floating space in the network

where we both can hide and appear

Red turning to green

And ellipses turning to hope again…


P.S For all the conversations on Whatsapp, Messenger and all the myriad apps that were left hanging in the middle…


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