The Hands of a Clock

You and I, we are like

the hands of a clock

enjoined for eternity.


We may traverse our paths alone

Me in my impatient hours,

You in your flighty seconds

But our centers remain the same.


At times we may be far apart,

I on the North Pole at 12

and you on the South at 6.

But rest assured our paths will cross

where I envelop you in my embrace.


That is the time I wish

time would stop. So you and me

are one again, just like in the womb

holding our hands to infinity.


But then you move on in a rush

Hopping from one minute to another,

Rejoicing in the moment.

Restless to see what lies ahead.


And I patiently wait knowing

that whatever lies ahead,

will bring you back to me.


P.S  Mommyhood brings not so pleasant days at times. Days that weigh so heavy on your mind that you have to write in order to make sense of the chaos. This one is for my son Shivaan. Hopefully when he grows up, he understands







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