Fly on the Wall…

That afternoon she buzzed.

I didn’t even notice her

as she sat on my arm and

Hovered around my head.

Not until she sat on the page

Of the book I was reading…


Unafraid she wandered over

sentences and words charting her

own territory. Skipping a word here

and a line there, she found her path

that was just her own.


For an instant, I thought I would shut

her in between the pages of my book.

Making a permanent bookmark out of her.

She had after all trespassed my territory.


But the smallness of her size and

the obliviousness of her being, thwarted

my evil intention. I didn’t breathe

nor move out of fear of disturbing her.


It looked like she had found her home

In between those black lines on the white

pages. Almost disappearing at times.

Being one with the word. But I was

wrong. The fly flew taking some

words off those pages, with her.


She read the page and then read me

Zigzagging across my arm savouring

its contents. I think she dropped a few

of those words there because I had

goose bumps wherever she travelled.


Now I became one with the word.

Or at least the ones she had chosen

for me. The story of the book became

mine as the fly dispersed its wisdom.


I felt like watching her forever.

Like I could keep her as a pet or

something. We would exchange some

love and then books.



Just when I got lost in watching her,

she lost interest in me. In a second, she

flew away like a disinterested lover

and I became the proverbial

Fly on the Wall…


I should have shut the book when

I had the chance…


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