Time will Tell…

If you think about it, Time is the only constant in our lives.

We have divided it into hours, minutes and seconds. Time never felt the need for this division. We have cut Time into pieces so we can savour a bite every birthday worrying over so much that needs to be done.

But the greying of hair-that’s not the passing of time. Time is beyond youth and age. Time is not nanoseconds. It’s one big mass. It’s beyond the realm of the physical and yet it’s very presence is felt every passing second in the hands of a clock.

And a clock can’t really capture Time. Remember how Rumi said, ‘the things you chase are chasing you.’ Because Time is not a straight line. It’s circular or more specifically, it’s an infinite spiral. So whatever you are chasing, will come to you when you stop and wait for it. If that isn’t liberating, what is?

By all means, make goals. Work towards them. Work harder than you have ever worked. But then let go.

No one can tell you to have kids before you are thirty. To be a multi-millionaire by 35. To be fit before you are forty. And to retire by 60. That’s a sham. Be who you want to be and when you want to be.

You can’t control Time but the reverse is also true. Time cannot control you. It’s just a witness. To everything that has happened before us and everything that is to come… If that doesn’t explain déjà vu, what does?

Or it may even be God. The Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer. And what is God but faith? So have faith in yourself and in Time.

It will come to you- that time when the hands of the clock strike gold.

P.S  I was procrastinating getting out of bed this morning and look what I thought of 🙂


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