Mapping my Mind

I wonder how

stars find their exact spots in the dark

Like they know every inch of that sky.

Like the big galaxy gave them a piece each

To own, where they live and die.


The lines on the bark of that tree,

the ones that tell you how old it is

Look like new-born wrinkles around my eyes

And the stretch marks that I gave birth to…


The lines too claim my body piece by piece.

Mapping it, reminding me where I have been…

where I laughed and where I cried

where I lived and where I died.


But there’s another body within me

One that wanders from dream to dream

From flights of fantasy to potholes of reality…

How do I remember that smell, that year

And the time when I had goosebumps of fear


Tell me, that exact spot, how do I find?

Are memories enough for

mapping my mind?









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