That Girl Isn’t There Anymore…



Her clothes hang in the half-opened closet

A vibgyor of colors swish by

In the hangers and in a flash

I see her.


Smiling for a picture. Giggling rather.

One arm on a friend’s shoulder and

one hanging loosely by her side.

The frame freezes and so does her smile.


Strange how age passes you by

in pictures. Because the mirror

always lies. It sees the girl with the

frozen smile, hovers over make up

and overlooks the sleepless eyes.


I reach out to the closet to pick out

a shirt. My hand uncertain picks up

a blue. I shut the door and dreams

and look in the mirror.


The girl that I knew isn’t there anymore.

But I am.


P.S.  Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?-C.S. Lewis










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