One square feet…



There is a construction site I pass by every now and then


The small yellow lights light up

the majestic crane against the backdrop

of the golden sun. Sometimes I find it

moving, at the end of the day

Wrapping up a hard day’s labour.

Floor upon floor, column upon column,

square feet upon square feet

Of dreams made of glass and concrete.


The high rises of ambition, of greed,

of a promise of luxury; of a view

from the penthouse of power.

Looking down at the scurrying traffic

Coming to a standstill almost

as if to admire its splendour.


The soul of the city girl within me stirs

as the traffic light changes from red to yellow.

And I gaze at its unfinished beauty…

Of a work in progress, just like me.


The light signals green as the car moves

The construction site is left behind

but the sky that is framed within the

window of my car stays with me.


Amidst the buzz of traffic I realize,

Some people, some dreams and some desires

will always be left behind but

I know that this square feet of sky

That I see from the window of my eyes,

Will forever be mine.


P.S. This particular construction site was actually very majestic looking. Each time I passed by it, it gave me goosebumps. And this was the first time i realised that however loud, polluted and potholed my City was I could never escape from the madness. I need to live in chaos because i have internalised it.




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