Lost & Found



A school photograph buried in layers

of scrap and dust finds its way on

a Facebook wall.

Those solemn promises of lasting friendships

stayed behind the red n grey school walls

Never to be found.

A blue muffler that fell on the ground

for catching a missing bus

was lost forever.

Tears of friends that had dried up

Were found in a flower between pages

of a musty old course book.

Some laughter, some giggles

from the back benchers, shushed

in the voices of the past.


And yet when you think of that time

It has a halo hovering over it.

Of childhood memories wrapped around

In sunshine of warm smiles

Some lost, some found.


P.S. Facebook has been a wonderful way of catching up with old friends. One such friend posted an old class photograph on her wall and it inspired me to write this poem.


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