Becoming an Author…

I took a break from my T.V writing last year to take full time care of my son Shivaan. But after about two months or so I was itching to write again. Although I did not want to go back to commercial work projects yet, I had a couple of book ideas running in my head and I decided to work on them.

I started with writing on weekends when my husband was at home to look after my son and this way i finished one book. The joy of completing a book was unparalleled and I cried for a full twenty minutes the day I finished my first draft.

That book went on to reach the Top 20 in Disney’s Pitchkiaow contest in India which gave me further encouragement to write another book.

I completed the second book and entered it in Times Chickenhouse fiction competition, London, 2016 and was surprised to see my name in Top 20 all over the world. Here’s the link.

P.S. I continue to work on these two books. Write, rewrite and then rewrite again. Nothing in my work has given me so much happiness as writing these two books.




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