Mama said you should…Mar 20, 2011

My pancakes look like scrambled eggs

And Taste like butter jelly

I see in the mirror and look no different

My face a hamburger and hair like vermicelli;


Mom always said there would be days

When things don’t go your usual way

No panic, no fret, no tears would wash away

The mess you made in the kitchen today


I try hard to hear mom’s voice

But it sounds like some other- world noise

When I was five and things were right

When eggs were eggs in plain sight


I am not five, not any more

Mama’s kitchen is far off the shore

Hungry pangs tear me to the core

Late for work, I look an eyesore.


I shed a few tears sitting alone

Drown the mascara as I sit and moan

But the smell of eggs has not yet gone

I get up to scrub the mess I have drawn


And then I remember, Mom said you should

Take a deep breath when you could

Forget the pancakes on a wrong day hon

Today, a regular bowl of cereal is just as good.


P.S This poem was inspired by a friend’s status on FB about one of her cooking expeditions going awry…



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