Did you know that your attitude to food could reveal your attitude to love as well?

My new article on Bonobology.

Here is an excerpt:

Just as food should not be counted in calories, love too should be experienced with abandon.

Most women I know are emotional eaters. Heaven save the person who crosses my path when I am hungry. My four-year-old likes a word ‘hangry’ that sums up exactly how I feel when I am starving. If you want to make love without feeding me, then I may become like the female praying mantis that devours her mate’s head right after copulation. Now that’s a thought I could chew on…

Grandmoms of the world couldn’t have been more wrong when they said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Ahem! I think it’s truer for a woman. No wonder women are attracted to men who cook.

Someone who loves to feed you may also be a big giver in all other departments.


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